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Simply put, we've already done a multi-million dollar startup. Having gone through a successful startup from start to sale, we understand the challenges. We'll break down the process and provide your project with the flexibility it needs to give it the highest chance of success.

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We'll gather the current technical literature, review the state of the art, and compile current market trends to get you the answers you need to make the right decision.

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We'll outline a plan, compile requirements, create a design, and provide a rough cost for your idea.

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We'll do all the prototyping, coding, DevOps, and any other technical aspects needed to execute the plan. We'll even help with some of the basic business, if needed.

Why us?

Our Benefits

Our Canadian-based company does things a little differently. The difference is our edge. Check out our blog to see some of the extra projects we've worked on.

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Flexible Contracts

No locked-in contracts that are straightforward and meet your requirements.

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Passionate Team

We only select work we're passionate about.

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Cost effective

Team members are selected to suit your budget. Lower costs being 100% remote.

What people are saying


It was an absolute pleasure working with you guys. Your team's expertise was critical for this project's success. Thank you very much for all your hard work and determination! Looking forward to tackling future projects together. Thanks again 🙏.

~ Remy M., CEO of theinternetproject.io

The proof is in the pudd'n

Notable Projects

Bitcoin Exchange (MVP)

The Global Privacy Network (Prototype)

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